What is the Light?
Don't watch the news, make the news
Episode 96: How To Connect With GodWhat's wrong with your meditation?
How little you is running adult you
How to become the best version of you
Episode 95: What Is Holding You Back?Listen now | How familiarity is killing your dreams

February 2023

The issue isn’t with the world, the issue is how you see it.
To live life, one must risk. To die, one must only wait.Living is a risky proposition. The end is assured, yet so many people try to bargain with death…
Episode 94: The Stories We Tell OurselvesListen now (17 min) | How we hold onto stories to justify our limiting beliefs
When your mistakes are actually bad habits
Note: I am co-hosting an evening online event with Russell Bishop called The Myth of the Spiritual Path this Wednesday, February 8th, at 4pm Pacific…
Episode 93: Introduction to the LightJetzt anhören (24 min) | What is the Light? What is the difference between the Spiritual Light and the Magnetic Light? How do you use the Light? In this…